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University Student Launch Initiative
Oregon State University

What is it?

The University Student Launch Initiative is a research-based, competitive, experiential exploration activity. It strives to provide relevant, cost-effective research and development of rocket propulsion systems. This project offers multiple challenges reaching a broad audience of middle and high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation ( The competition consists of three possible experiments: Target Identification, A deployable rover, or landing coordinates via triangulation. OSU's team has chosen to compete in the deployable rover experiment. This is OSU's first year participating in this challenge, and the team is comprised of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering students all working toward a successful rocket launch and payload deployment in April of 2018.

Mission profile

Social Media

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Links to OSU USLI Team formal design review documents, available for download!


Timeline for NASA Student Launch Projects leading up to the launch in April 2018.

  • Oct. - Nov.

    Preliminary Design Review

    The Preliminary design review (PDR) invloves the team demonstrating to a panel of NASA scientists and Engineers that the preliminary designs "meet(s) all requirements with acceptable risk, and within the cost and schedule constraints, and establishes the basis for proceeding with detailed design" ( The design report is a formal document detailing technical design choices and justification for the launch vehical and payload rover.

  • Dec. - Jan.

    Critical Design Review

    The critical design review follows improvements and choices made from the PDR to affirm design before beginning manufacturing, assembly, integration of the rocket and payload subsystems.

  • Feb.

    Flight Readiness Review

    The Flight Readiness review examines tests, demonstrations, analyses, and audits that determine the overall system (all projects working together) readiness for a safe and successful flight/launch and for subsequent flight operations of the as-built rocket and payload system (

  • Apr.

    Launch Readiness Reviews and Competition!

    The Launch Readiness Review is the final hands-on inspections preformed by NASA and the National Association of Rocketry before the launch event in April.

  • Launch Day!

    April 7, 2018